How much are classes?

We don’t post our prices online, please come in to try first! We do offer family and military rates. Please visit us to find out more!

Can I try it out first?

Yes! You can take a class for free, OR get 3 classes for $20, plus a t-shirt! Our 3-class trial is sold online in our website store.

How does membership work?

We do not charge enrollment fees or cancellation fees, and we do not have contracts. Once you decide that you would like to join us, your membership is month to month. You can attend as many days per week that you can. Click here to view full class schedule

I’m old/out of shape, can I train?

Yes! We have students of all ages and fitness levels! Start your path to getting in shape with us!

What do I wear?

For your trial, just wear whatever you are comfortable working out in! We have spare gi tops you can borrow, and white belts, that are washed after every use.

I have an injury or other health problem that might impact my training.

Make sure you let the instructor know! We can work around it.

Do you offer private classes?

Yes we do. We offer private lessons with our black belt or purple belt. Please inquire in person about schedule and pricing.